Who Is James McQuivey, Ph.D.?

True, James is a writer and researcher, a man uniquely qualified to construct and analyze the Born to Marry project. More importantly, he is also a husband and father who, together with his wife of thirty years, has brought six children into this world and has been blessed with one grandchild (so far). You decide which credential matters most!

I’ll be honest, I have quietly endured more than a few scoffs and scorns over my career as colleagues, bosses, and clients have expressed dismay or even — on rare occasions — disgust at the fact that my wife and I chose to welcome six children into our crazy, happy family. Add to that the number of times major news sources like The New York Times or The Atlantic have written hit pieces on marriage with the intention to shake us off our family-focused foundation, and I finally got tired of quietly putting up with it all. I decided it was time to apply the skills I earned in more than two decades of research and analysis to ask and answer this key question: Are some of us just born to be this way? And if so, is it so wrong if we do what comes naturally to us?

After spending my own money to design and conduct the Born to Marry survey project, I got the answer. There are some of us born to marry, who feel deeply the urge to pair bond, procreate, and protect their bonds. We are solid, contributing citizens that the rest of the country should celebrate and not continually try to undermine. The Born to Marry project is the result of that effort.

McQuivey’s background:

  • He earned a Ph.D. from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. There he studied media audience research and crosstrained in anthropology, sociology, neuroscience, and technology. He has taught at Syracuse and Boston University.
  • He has spent more than two decades as a consumer technology market analyst, forecasting interest in and adoption of new technologies ranging from eReaders to Alexa smart speakers.
  • He has published over a hundred industry reports, has been quoted often by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, has appeared on every major TV network, and has been regularly interviewed for comment by national radio programs. He is also author of the book Digital Disruption (2013).
  • The clients he has advised read like a who’s who of the modern economy, ranging from Amazon to Bank of America, Microsoft to Humana. His ability to use valid data to unearth what consumers really want and predict what they’ll do next will be as valuable to Born to Marry readers as it was to his clients.

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