How Born to Marry Are You?

Born to Marry: The Test

Ever wish you could just ask your body — deep down in your bones — what would make you happiest in life? It turns out, for those of us who are born to marry, we sorta can.

Welcome to the Born to Marry test. Based on a detailed survey of a thousand Americans, the test statistically identifies how much you feel the three core urges of those who are born to marry: the urge to pair bond, procreate, and protect your bond.

In this way you just might have something to learn from a lowly lizard. As described by Dr. James McQuivey, those who are born to marry can learn a lot from a humble lizard — the blue-throated common side-blotched lizard — which serves as a kind of mascot for those of us who are born to marry. Unlike its orange- and yellow-throated peers, the blue side-blotch prefers to bond to a single mate and raise offspring together. It maintains this strategy even as its peer lizards prefer more loosely defined couplings.

You are not a lizard, but you might have been born to be like this particular one, that is if the human urges to pair bond, procreate, and protect your bond were born into you, too. Unfortunately for you, as more of your human peers express a preference for looser relationships that de-emphasize these three things, it becomes harder for you to know what you can do to be as happy as you were born to be.

That’s why we created the Born to Marry test. Click on the link below to take the test — when it’s done you’ll get a score that puts you in one of four groups depending on how much you are like the little blue lizard. Then we’ll put our heads together and learn more about how to live the life you were born to live.

Click to take the Born to Marry test

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