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Post: Can You Prevent Cheating?

Most people — 72% or nearly 3 out of 4 of Americans — believe that society is better off when couples are sexually faithful to each other. Even among people who admit they are not always faithful to their partners, 47% still agree that society is better off when others are. Despite our preferences, infidelity…

Post: Has Hollywood Hacked Your Thoughts About Marriage?

The movie business has struggled throughout 2020 and for the sake of the many creatives and professionals who rely on the business, I hope it comes back strong as soon as the pandemic subsides. However, like many other things that were forever altered by the pandemic, I hope that some things in Hollywood don’t return…

Post: Happy People and the Self+Other Centeredness Paradox

Everybody knows, you are either selfish or selfless, right? You can’t be both at the same time, can you? Not without some kind of internal conflict, at least. Wrong! It turns out that not only can people hold supposedly contradictory views in their minds at the same time but that the same mental and emotional…

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